boring but effective piggy blank


Boring but effective piggy bank

Additional to all the creative and unique money gifts it is good to give a self-made or bought piggy bank. This can be on many occasions, birthdays, weddings, baptism, and other events. In the piggy bank you can put coins or bills which will be helpful for the beloved.

Especially when there will be unknown events on the party, like a live band or a huge feast with lots of meals the guests can put their sum into the piggy bank without being said to pay directly.

Instead of collecting money, the piggy bank can be good for voluntary work, clubs and associations. Then the pig can be decorated with a picture of the occasion (for example a kid for children’s help, a whale for Greenpeace or a panda for WWF, etc.) so that the donators know why they donate. In the last years the help for Africa is a big topic and many popular persons donated or helped. With the piggy bank, everyone can do what he can to contribute.


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