Burning champagne glasses


Burning champagne glasses

I found a very stylish and romantic money gift in an arts and crafts supply store:

You need two nice champagne glasses, two gel-like wax-wicks and gel-like wax. The gel-like wax can be bought in every arts and crafts supply store.

The wax-wicks have to be positioned upright in the middle of the champagne cups. To achieve this position, the wick has to be put between two little sticks of wood. The gel-like wax can be bought in various colours which can be mixed with each other. However, I would recommend the clear one. You have to fill in the wax layer after layer to prevent the coins from sinking down to the bottom. This action has to be repeated as many times as necessary to secure the coins where you want them to be. The money can be even nicer and shinier when it has been previously cleaned with a commercial ultrasonic. I recommend not filling the last third or quarter with wax because then the glass looks nicer when it is burning.

After you have finished your champagne glasses, light them and serve them on the occasion. It is best to present two more champagne glasses with real sparkling wine.

Have a nice time preparing and presenting this money gift!

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