christmas tree calendar money gift


Christmas tree calendar money gift

A Christmas tree calendar money gift with „precious“ stars. You need to draw a Christmas tree onto a cardboard and cut it out. The star out of paper with printed stars or foil (you have to pay attention to the proportions as there should be 24 stars distributed on the Christmas tree) is first drawn on cardboard and then cut out as a model. Afterwards the model can be used to cut the 24 stars out of the paper with printed stars or out of the foil.


Now you cut the stars three times with cuts of about 2.5 cm, once it should be horizontal and twice diagonal, crossing each other. Fold the now existing triangles carefully from the middle to the inside. Now a bill can be attached to the back of the star showing its number like in a picture frame. Do this with all of the 24 stars and glue them nicely arranged to your Christmas tree.

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