fold a fish


Instruction: Folding a fish for a trip to the South

Again someone needs extra money for their vacation. The instructions can be found along with my drawn sketches. It is not as easy to fold a fish as a money gift. But well: The bill has to be folded in the middle to the left. You have to bend one edge on the closed side to the middle. On the long side you fold a piece to the middle left-hand sided and then you bend the upper long side downwards. You have got a folded square. The fins have to be folded outside so you have to open the square again and pull out the peaks. Then put the square back together

Do this with both sides. Now you cut out a paper tail and an eye for the fish. In a little aquarium you can place more fish and some coins on the bottom of the vessel. Like that, the upcoming holiday should be more than great


061017 geldfisch
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