Information about Halloween

Even 5000 years before now people celebrated Halloween. It is a rite presumably from Ireland and one of the oldest celebration dates of mankind. Back then, the 31st of October was the end of a year and the dead came out of their graves.


A big part to the popularity of Halloween was played by the pope George IV, who commanded in 837 that all dead should be honoured and thus he invented the 1st of November to be All Hallows Day and the 2nd of November to be All Soul’s Day. Like that, Halloween should be understated by the new holidays. But the thought of Halloween wouldn’t be repelled by that and the Protestants, who celebrated Celtic rites, invented the All Hallowed Evening in the 16th century. This provides the shortened word Halloweèn. It should be a Christian holiday but the attempt didn’t work, especially in the USA it wouldn’t be accepted. Today, Halloween is a non-Christian holiday.




Especially in the USA but also in German cities and all over the world, it is just a gigantic celebration without Christian thoughts. The Americans are not to be blamed for that. They don’t have the carnival celebrated in Germany and they have to put all their effort of dressing up and having fun into that one special night: Halloween.

The churchly effort is amusing, as they try to convert the thought of Halloween and its symbol, the pumpkin, into something that has to do with believe. Mostly they put a crucifix into the pumpkin or cut crucifixes out of pumpkins in order to destroy the non-Christian origins. But it doesn’t work.

The clue is TRICK OR TREAT!!

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