Liquor bottle with Advent calendar


Liquor bottle with Advent calendar

Now I want to present you with a very nice and quick idea:

Buy a very nice and handsome bottle of liquor. Draw a golden line vertical from the top of the bottle to the bottom. Afterwards, you divide the big line with horizontal little lines into 24 pieces. They should be about one centimetre long. Now write the numbers from 1 to 24 onto the lines to mark the days from December 1st to Christmas Eve. You can fix a decorative bill, perhaps folded like a fan, to the back side of the bottle. Another possibility is to attach a coin or bill to the top of the bottle. Anyways, you should decorate your little Advent calendar liquor bottle nicely.

Your beloved can drink the amount of one “day” each day now, but you should look out for the liquor to be not too high proof so the day does not turn out too bad afterwards!


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