may beetle as lucky charms


May beetle as lucky charms

At first you draw a circle and paint the May beetle out of it. I won’t describe that as it is easy to do. Just paint it like you see it on the picture. A cute saying written on the beetle – et voilà. Your personal and unique lucky charm, ready to be given to your best friend.

Cornerstone for a happy life together

This idea’s origin lies in a wedding in which I participated as a guest. On a money gift the saying “CORNERSTONE – for a long life together” was written. The creative man just bought a brick with holes that you can get in every hobby store and in those holes he stuck bills. This suggestion is suitable for bigger sums as there can be many, many bills in the holes. Afterwards the brick is wrapped in clear foil and decorated with a nice ribbon and bow. This can also be a great idea to talk about in your wedding speech.


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