scarede wedding couple


Scared wedding couple – the broken china

Sometimes there is a pre-wedding party on which guests break china and the wedding couple has to clean it up. This is supposed to be a lucky charm for the happy couple. This gave me an idea which could be done with the help of a few friends very quickly: We bought a carton; filled with nice wrapping paper and decoration it was about 30 x 40 cm big. Inside we put very old and fragile cups, plates and other dishes that didn’t break at the pre-wedding party. In between we put bills and coins and now this is the clue: On the wedding day a friend, who knew what we had planned, tripped me up (accidentally of course) shortly before I reached the couple and I fell very elegantly (because I am in a judo club). Now, there was a bad sound of clinking and clanking and of course the dishes broke. No one knew that there was nothing valuable in there… All the other guests saw was a very elegant and valuable carton, which we had gotten in a china store, and even after taking out the decorative paper it looked like the best china would have been broken. With an according face of mine everyone was terribly sorry. But soon, the guests started to laugh and it was a very funny story.



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