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Wedding with money gifts - ideas, suggestions

Jelly, gel candles and money in a block of cement

Well, I think money gifts should be quiet cheeky, cool and fresh, especially for wedding occasions. As it is a modern way to have the wedding with money gifts, which is really handy, you should not make it too easy for the bridal couple to get their money.

Here are three little nasty ideas of mine, how to make the whole thing more interesting:

1. fancy money gift: jelly 
Pour the self-made jelly into a big bowl out of glass (could also be a gift to the bridal couple). When it begins to toughen, let the coins sink in.

It is really squirmy to get the money out of there again!

2. gift idea: gel candle
gel-like wax for self-made gel candles can be bought in every arts and crafts supply store. The gel has to be heated up and will turn into a nice liquid that can be filled into a beautiful jar or vessel. The coins and other decorative material like dried roses can now sink in. There are many romantic evenings with candle light to come until all the money will be free. This idea is also suitable for confirmation or youth dedication / youth initiation ceremony.

3. Give away money in a block of cement at a wedding
Prepare the cement without sand and mix the coins into the material. Form a block and let it harden. It is nicer for everyone when you can provide hammer and chisel. With a little bit of water the cement can be easily washed away from the money afterwards.

Oh, and another idea to be really mean:

Fill chocolate pudding into a toilet bowl and let the money vanish inside. To let all guests have a laugh the wedding couple should get out the money during the party afterwards. That is really nasty and mean.


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